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Emergency LED Driver MIDI 55V 3W 3hr NiMH (Remote)

Emergency LED Driver MIDI 55V 3W 3hr NiMH (Remote)

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ELEDD MIDI 55V 3W 3hr NiMH Emergency Remote Kit STANDARD

The ELEDD MIDI 55 REMOTE range of LED emergency modules has been designed to enable conversion of general lighting for emergency operation.

Batteries- ELEDD MIDI 55 REMOTE is supplied with rechargeable NiMH battery.

STANDARD- For applications where self-testing is not required or suitable, the non-AutoTest option provides the same quality and performance expected of products, without the AutoTest feature.


Driver Specification:

  •  Rated supply voltage: 230V
  •  Supply frequency: 50/60Hz
  •  Supply current (Max): 25mA
  •  Power factor: 0.5 - 0.7
  •  LED voltage (Vf): 6 to 55V
  •  Ambient temperature (ta): 0 degrees C to +35 degrees C
  •  Maximum case temperature (tc): +70 degrees C
  •  Rated emergency duration: 3 hours
  •  Battery Charge Current
    •  NiMH (4Ah): 200mA
  •  Initial charge period: 24 hours
  •  Conductor size: 0.2 to 1.5mm2
  •  Weight: 420g
  •  Catalogue No: ELC9005373


Each varient has controlled current SELV compliant outputs, suitable for driving multiple power LEDs or multi-chip LED arrays with forward voltages (Vf) of 6V to 55V, and built-in adaptability that allows for optimum output current based on the forward voltage of the specific light engine for a more precise match to the controlled LED scheme. 


Key features:

  •  Suitable for independant mounting 
  •  Auto load detecting 
  •  DALI functionality option
  •  Compatible with leading brands of mains drivers
  •  SmartCharge technology for NiMH batteries
  •  Test-switch function
  •  Battery deep-discharge protection
  •  Compatible with NiMH batteries
  •  3-hour rated emergency duration
  •  SELV output


Technology Features

SmartCharge applies an intermittent charging duty cycle designed for use with NiMH batteries. This provides energy efficient charging maintenance, reduced operating temperatures and optimum service life of NiMH batteries.


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